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When pain multiplies

After several months of threats and attempts of attacks, some failed, towards the Cuban government and other areas of the Caribbean and Central America, on October 6th, 1976, one of the most brutal acts of terrorism was executed by counterrevolutionaries in the service of the CIA.

Stick to the water Felo, Felo, stick to the water! These were the last words of the captain of the CU-455 aircraft
of Cubana de Aviacion and in an act of lucidity within despair, he turned the aircraft to the side, thus preventing it from falling on a nearby beach. Meanwhile, from places near the coast of Barbados, people got to see how the plane fell into the sea.

That day, 11 Guyanese young people, five citizens of the Democratic  Republic of Korea and 57 Cubans lost their lives, the majority of the youth fencing team, who returned from successfully competing in the fourth Central American and Caribbean Championship of that sport.

About the victims, Fidel explained to the world that they were humble young people, workers or students and
sportsmen who were modestly and determinedly accomplishing  the tasks assigned by the country.
In full flight the plane was destroyed by an explosive charge, a few minutes after its takeoff from Barbados

Although some imperialist agency tried to misrepresent the event and link  it to a possible mechanical failure, all the pilot's words transmitted to the Barbados airport were recorded; in addition to other evidence that would
be added during the investigation process.

The main leaders of the attack were the terrorists of Cuban origin Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Ávila, both employees of the United States empire, who remained unpunished for this crime, and protected by the US

Considering the event, October 6th  was established as the Day of Victims of Terrorism. Likewise, in other
nations such as Venezuela the event is remembered, proclaiming the cessation of impunity and violent actions
against our country.

It has been 43 years since that terrorist act had an entire town mourning, and it continues latent in each
generation of Cubans, who, despite not having witnessed the pain of the sad news, we feel sorry for those
young people and their families, who will always bear the stigma of being victims of terrorism.

As the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz uttered, in the act of farewell to the victims' grief: We cannot say
that pain is shared. The pain multiplies. Millions of Cubans cry today with the loved ones of the victims of the
abominable crime. And when a spirited and vigorous people cries, injustice trembles!

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The University of Holguín integrates former inactive teaching areas

The University of Holguín, with more than 12000 students, integrates several teaching areas in the current school year as part of the investment process of the Ministry of Higher Education in Cuba.

Among the recovered areas stand out the biology and chemistry laboratories, the chemicals warehouse and the natural sciences museum, located in the university branch José de la Luz y Caballero, where pedagogy majors are implemented in
the eastern province.

Considering the recovery of these laboratories, valued at more than 40000 dollars, the pre professional practice is enabled in majors like Chemistry, Biology, and Agronomy. Moreover, there is a development in student scientific groups, stressed the PhD Raymundo Escobar, dean of the Faculty of Natural and Agronomy Sciences.

Jonathan García, an Agronomy student, mentioned the Chemistry laboratory is a valuable teaching support, before they had to go to different enterprises, even to the University of Granma to accomplish researches regarding dissimilar branches of the economy, especially agriculture.

The University of Holguín carries out other investments such as total reparation of the municipal university center Sagua de Tánamo so as the campus for graduate students coming from other provinces who are taking a master degree or PhD in the eastern city.

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Díaz-Canel responded to the words of Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, described lastTuesday as a slander the words by the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro against the international cooperation of Cuban doctors.

In his official Twitter account the president wrote: # Cuba refuses vigorously the slander of Bolsonaro about our international medical  cooperation , and also referred to the tweet of Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla who said: "He should deal with the corruption in his justice system, government and family. He is the leader of the inequality increase in Brazil "#SomosCuba."

Similarly, through this social network, Díaz-Canel Bermúdez referred to the words of the US president Donald Trump at the UN as lies plagued with false accusations.

The US emperor uttered false, slanderous and inadmissible accusations vs # Cuba and Venezuela. His failure with #Cuba and #Venezuela provokes his imperial pride and justifies his defeat with false arguments. #Cuba will give a dignified and energetic response he deserves. #SomosCuba, the Cuban President published.