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The XXII Habano festival begins

The XXII Habano festival, the largest international tobacco meeting, has begun today in Havana with the participation of more than 60 countries, in which brands such as Bolívar, Montecristo and Romeo and Julieta will be highlighted.

The event, which will run until February 28th, includes during the first day a preliminary of the III Edition of the Habanos World Challenge Contest, which aims at measuring the general knowledge of the participants about Habano on its creation process, from its cultivation and elaboration to its taste.

The program will also involve a Trade Fair in order to promote the exchange between professionals in the tobacco sector, so as exhibitors of manufacturers of luxury products in general, as well as artisans, artists, and creators of articles for smokers and gourmet products.

Besides, a welcome night will be held at the Club Habana, and will pay tribute to the Bolívar brand, with the presentation of Bolívar Reserva Harvest 2016, according to the official agenda.

The most remarkable activities of the festival are those designed to learn about the origin, elaboration and the most diverse aspects of tobacco culture, as well as those that include the latest news, and tasting this authentic Cuban product.

Some of the attractions are the presentation of the perfume Montecristo Delegend by Mille Centrum Parfums; the master class on the technique of fully hand twisted; the presentation of a new edition of the book El Bello Habano; and the Habanos Sommelier Master Class.

Other activities include practical sessions and keynote conferences, led by renowned experts in the world of Habano, who will be gathered at the International Seminar, to be inaugurated on Wednesday, February 26th with the conference “Habanos and its brands”, by the journalist Ciro Bianchi.
The night of February 26th will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the franchise network La Casa del Habano and the 85th of the Montecristo brand; the celebration will take place at El Laguito protocol hall, with a dinner for 550 guests, designed to the enjoyment of lovers of the most prestigious Premium cigars in the world.

Moreover, the plantations of Zona de Partido, San Antonio de los Baños, in Artemisa, and the factories of La Corona and Partagás, will be visited in order to appreciate the Habanos production process throughout its value chain.

Likewise, there will be evenings full of the best live music with renowned international artists, samples of Cuban cuisine and the tasting of Habanos and drinks from different parts of the world.

On February 28th, it will be the great closing of the festival with a Gala Night dedicated to the Romeo and Juliet brand, and where the Habanos Awards will be delivered and the traditional Humidor Auction will be held, whose collection, as is tradition, will be allocated entirely to the Cuban Public Health system.

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Health institutions encourage breastfeeding in Holguín

The health system in the province of Holguín promotes exclusive breastfeeding through educational activities developed in institutions where services are provided to pregnant women.

Polyclinics and family doctor's offices are part of these actions that are among the priorities of the Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI), created in 1962 to reduce indicators such as malnutrition and mortality.

As an example of this, there is the Maternal Home “March 8”, the second largest in Cuba, after the one in Santa Clara, with a total of 160 beds and an educational program focused on the nutritional value of breastfeeding during the first six months of life.

María Jardines, director of the institution, stressed that through lectures, talks and pamphlets they reaffirm the importance of this practice and instruct pregnant women in breastfeeding positions and physical exercises favorable to their well-being.

Considering some interviews to pregnant women who benefited from the program, especially those new mothers, it was possible to verify the usefulness of these initiatives for a better health and recovery of the mother and child.

Claudia Pérez, uttered that these exchanges have helped her to learn more about the benefits of breast milk, especially the one referring to a better neurological development of the child.

On the other hand, Yailet Gutiérrez mentioned that through some practical explanations of doctors and nurses she has been able to learn some positions to breastfeed.

Since 1991 the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) promotes a global campaign to promote these practices, which includes training, guidance and preparation of the family to promote this habit, with the name of “The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative”, as the site of that organization specifies.

The University General Hospital "Vladimir Ilich Lenin", located in the main city and where one of every three holguineros is born, has this requirement based on its contributions and initiatives to meet this objective.

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Therapeutic clowns celebrate three years of providing joy

On this occasion, the scenario chosen by therapeutic clowns to celebrate their third anniversary was the Oncohematology room of the Pediatric Hospital "Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja" in the city of Holguín.

The project “Goticas de Rocío” offered a day full of laughter to 11 patients, who are treated in this territorial center, through games, riddles and songs.

They are people who voluntarily offer their talent in order to improve the mood of children and contribute to their recovery.

This is a visit that is always welcome by grateful family members and the medical staff of this room of excellence, who, like therapeutic clowns, are also committed to the well-being of our children.

Therapeutic clowns celebrate three years of providing joy to hospitalized children.