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Roly Peña proposes a new situation comedy series for Cuban television

The production of a new situation comedy series for Cuban television constitutes one of the most recent projects promoted by the Cuban filmmaker Rolando Peña Lorenzo (Roly), director of television programs, whose premiere is expected for the next summer stage in Cuba.

The well-known television director explained that it is a 27-minute show, in which a situation comedy will be developed, where the characters have to live together in a specific context and face the various problems that arise according to their interests.

The protagonists will be the members of Etcétera comedy group, professionals of humor, who in their works combine theatrical art with that of humor, where they take care of every detail in the dramaturgy of the characters and the staging.

Besides, the filmmaker stated that other Cuban comedians and actors will intervene, according to the script and their performance on stage, where a certain stereotype is not established in the selection process.

A chapter zero has already been produced, known as pilot, that facilitated the approval process of the series by Cuban Television and included the participation of guest artists such as Jorge Martínez, Rigoberto Ferrer, Carlo Gonzalvo and Jorge Díaz, he stressed.

This pilot episode was presented to the public for the first time at the end of 2020 at the Comandante Eddy Suñol theater, in the city of Holguín, as part of the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of the comedy group Etcétera; a theatre that has witnessed its emergence and professional development, where it was possible to measure the acceptance of this material, whose premiere is scheduled for the next summer.

To date, a name has not been defined, he specified, and for the moment it is identified as Etcétera Etcétera, named after this comedy group that stars the show. Also, it was conceptualized the realization of two seasons of around 12 or 13 episodes each, including the one that will take place in the winter.

Roly Peña is a director of television programs known for spaces such as the youth series “Enigma de un verano” and “Coco verde”, so as his most recent production “LCB: La otra guerra 2”, who considers that the approval of the new comedy proposal by Cuban Television represents a way of presenting various options to the audience, according to their tastes in the field of humor.

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Immunize against irresponsibility

Once again, Cuba experiences a high incidence of Covid-19. Since March last year, when the first case of coronavirus was diagnosed in the country, it is the third time that alarms have been raised due to the imminence of contagion and the large number of positive cases daily.

But during these last days the figures have broken records, we are experiencing the most significant outbreak now, even more complex than in the initial epidemic phase when nothing was known about the disease.

The notorious rise in cases is not a coincidence or a fortuitous event. The carelessness of many is causing deaths, wasting of resources, and destroying the months-long effort to fight the pandemic. People have become confident, relaxed and have lost their fear and perception of risk.

This re-growth is the result, among other factors, of social indiscipline, the end of the year parties, non-compliance with the isolation measures for international travelers, the incorrect use of face masks and other etceteras that are constantly reiterated by the health authorities and government.

Not only the long lines to buy basic items and food are the culprits as some claim, but how is it possible that school-age children, infants, the elderly, the sick who do not leave their homes are contaminated. The virus reaches them through their closest relatives, friends, and neighbors who do not know how to protect their vulnerability.

Also the risk of opening international travel was known and was valued by the country's management, trusting in the conscious action of each traveler and their families. However, the irresponsible behaviors of not a few have been precisely the trigger for a reappearance that could have largely been prevented.

The feeling of insecurity is gradually taking over the Cuban. Many provinces have returned to the autochthonous transmission phases, and as the scenario is drawing, others are about to do so in the coming days.

Some municipalities are back to the stopped school year, limited transportation, closed service entities; extreme but essential measures to stop in time an overflow of cases that the health system is not able to handle.

Not only will the optimism of a safe future be effective, it is urgent to make definitive decisions. Life cannot be paralyzed again, it will be necessary to learn how to live with it, but with the proper care.

It is a reality as long as we do not have a vaccine. Cuban scientists continue at an accelerated pace the study for the application of the candidates of national creation but it is up to the people to immunize themselves against irresponsibility.

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Exportable goods are encouraged in Holguín

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) in the province of Holguín promotes the development of exportable goods as part of the actions to boost national economy and the role of the socialist state enterprise through the contribution of this sector.

Anais Díaz, CITMA's senior specialist in the territory, stressed that this program includes several sectors, including the sugar industry, food production, nickel, manufacturing through entities such as Tradisa Meat Company, the Hotel Atlántico Guardalavaca and the Steel Research Center, located in the municipality of Mayarí.

She specified that seven products derived from zeolite and six from nickel exploitation are currently exported in the territory, which is why it is necessary to continue improving the quality management processes and establishment of commercial brands.

She indicated that covered tobacco, coffee, natural fibers, charcoal, tench, sea shrimp and sugar are among the main goods of the province in the middle of the Ordering Task, initiated in Cuba on January first.

The actions are also focused on the development of more than 800 investments and technology transfers to expand productive capacities and autonomy of the entities, said Annia Candelario, a senior specialist at CITMA.

An example of these results is the production of reels of plastic threads, mattresses, sheets and kitchen towels in the Inejiro Asanuma spinning mill, in Gibara, the only one of its kind in eastern Cuba, which allows the use of all raw materials and provides bigger offers from the entity, the expert stated.

Holguín has more than 100 companies, out of which 54 are in the process of business improvement and 41 have implemented the quality management system.