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Under Construction Solar parks in Holguin Territory

The construction of the first two solar photovoltaic parks in the province of Holguin has advanced approximately 76 percent.

The Yuraguanal 1 and 2, occupy approximately 8 hectares in the area known as Melilla, Rafael Freyre municipality.

Workers of the Investment Development Company in Renewable Sources of Energy, control the quality and manage the work, executed by the technicians of the Construction Company of Architecture Works number 19.
The parks will have the capacity to generate 4.4 Mega Wats, which means consuming less than 1,700 tons of fuel each year.

The province will have 21 of those facilities. This year it is planned to start the construction of two other parks in the municipality of Calixto García and the capital city. The sun will give Cubans a clean, economical and safer energy, also from Holguin.

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40 Films and More at FIC-Gibara 2018

To further strengthen the approach of the participants to the seventh art is one of the priorities of this 14th edition of the International Film Festival of Gibara (Gibara FIC-2018).

Beyond the multiplicity of cultural options present in each event, the projection and competition of the films continues to be the main attraction of the event for which the organizers are committed in principle.