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The provincial Council of Performing Arts celebrate its 30th anniversary

Workshops for actors, the presentation of the operetta The Merry Widow, lyrical varieties and conversations, are among the activities carried out these days by the provincial Council of Performing Arts (CPAE) of Holguín on the occasion of the 30 years of its creation in November 1990.

The workshops "Theater on stilts" and "The actor in the street, meditation techniques, stationary and corporal expression", were given at the headquarters of AHS and “Guiñol” theater of Holguín, respectively, by the teacher Sayli Sánchez Beltrán, graduate director at the national school of theater and founder and member of the “Gigantería” street theater group for almost two decades.

For example, the workshop "The actor in the street" proposed to the interpreters to work on the ability to be static and during that time to carry out a type of meditation based on observing the breath, as well as exercises that allow knowing how to handle intrinsic discomfort when working in public spaces, which also allowed to enhance resistance and the ability to dialogue with the environment, so as concentration and energy control.
In order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Council, a meeting was also held at the headquarters of “Guiñol” theater with workers, artists and directors of the groups belonging to the catalog of this cultural structure, such as “Rodrigo Prats” lyrical theater, “Guiñol”, “Codanza”, “La Campana”, “Alasbuenas” and “Palabras al Viento”.

Besides, as part of this day and on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of Rodrigo Prats lyrical theater, several concerts of small formats have been presented and still will happen at “Raúl Camayd” hall of “Eddy Suñol” cultural complex in the city of Holguín, the next 20th, 21st and 22nd, such as the operetta The Merry Widow, by the composer Franz Lehár.

The CPAE of Holguín, founded on November 13th, 1990, with the baritone Raúl Camayd, founder of “Rodrigo Prats” lyrical theater, as president, intends to guide the process of artistic creation and strengthen the institution-creator relationship, guaranteeing a promotion through tours, contests, workshops and exchanges, so as providing spaces for debate with creators, advice on artistic projects and their evaluation.