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Investments in conductors are enhanced in Holguín

The Aqueduct and Sewerage Company in the province of Holguín promotes an extensive investment program aimed at repairing the conductors for water supply, as part of the improvement of this service to the population.

Erwin Ávila, maintenance director of that state entity, highlighted that the main works are being carried out in the municipalities of Urbano Noris, Calixto García, Moa, Cueto and the existing stations in the provincial capital, with a cost greater than 500 thousand pesos.

As a matter of fact, he indicated that these actions will improve the efficiency of such service, as well as reduce the physical losses of the precious liquid, mainly due to leaking problems, one of the indicators to be solved in the new Cuban economic and social development strategy.

Besides, he stressed that the investment program has benefited more than 23 kilometers of conductors and 51 of networks, with diameters up to 400 millimeters and from 16 to 90, respectively, through a majority use of pipes HDPE (high-density polyethylene).  

In the eastern territory, more than 300 thousand leaks have been eliminated; besides, maintenance is also carried out in sewerage systems, rivers and flood zones, both manual and mechanized, and the cleaning of pits and obstructions, mainly throughout the historic center of the provincial capital, Ávila specified.

The Aqueduct and Sewerage Company in the northeastern territory also has a program for the installation of water meters, which allowed to place 2,300 of these components in the state and residential sectors.