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New technologies are applied in Holguín in the health sector

The creation of a website for the interaction among cancer patients, relatives, specialists and students of this branch of medical sciences is part of the initiatives for the extension of computerization programs of society and the application of new technologies in the public health in the province of Holguín.

Vladimir Álvarez, computer engineer and creator of the initiative, highlighted that the portal has among its objectives to publish updated information on research related to the disease in Cuba and the world.

He stressed that it has several interactive options, including the main therapies applied at the Territorial Cancer Center, based in that eastern city, as well as the recommendations of specialists for malignant tumors from different locations so as psychological guidance for patients and families.

Besides, he indicated that the page also offers updated programs for medical students and residents of the specialty, regarding nursing practices and the main symptoms of cancer, which allows an early diagnosis.

Nitza Sáenz, head of the Territorial Oncology Center, attached to the Vladimir Ilich Lenin Teaching University Hospital, pointed out that the digital portal also favors compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures in the stage of the new normality of COVID-19, since it allows social distancing as it offers options for appointments, outpatient consultation and therapies offered at the facility.

The computerization program of Cuban society includes the orderly use of new information and communication technologies in the daily life of the nation through electronic government, the development of educational platforms and mobile banking, among other services; as specifies the Cuban encyclopedia Ecured.

As a matter of fact, within the health sector, the program is developed on three fundamental bases: infrastructure, computer solutions and training of human resources; as reports the portal.