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Holguín’s Oncology center expands specialized treatment to patients from eastern Cuba

The territorial Oncology center based in the city of Holguín has benefited more than 42 thousand patients from eastern Cuba in 2020, through external consultations and therapies in order to stop the advance of cancer in different locations, one of the main death causes in Cuba.

Nitza Sanz, head of that institution, located at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin teaching university hospital, specified that the facility prioritizes prevention and early diagnosis, not only in secondary care, but also in primary health care, through the preparation of 17 medical professionals, in order to reduce the number of people detected in advanced stages.

She highlighted that among the main treatments in patients with malignant neoplastic diseases stand out surgical interventions, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, although all care continues throughout a clinical process, which also includes psychological guidance.

Sanz, also a specialist in pathological anatomy, pointed out that as part of the actions to improve patients’ life quality, within these procedures investigations are planned to contribute to the safety of radiation therapies, which also extends to the specialized staff.

One of the main achievements so far this year, she pointed out, has been the application of sanitary measures in the face of COVID-19, which prevented such services from outbreaks, being these patients highly vulnerable to the new corona virus.

Besides, the new normal establishes regulations such as attendance at the premises with a single companion, social distancing, the use of face masks and disinfection with alcoholic solutions, guided by the Ministry of Public Health.

Holguín’s territorial Oncology center was founded in 2011 and also provides services to patients from the provinces of Granma and Las Tunas. More than two thousand surgeries have been performed so far this year, despite the ramifications of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba.