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University of Holguín announces the first edition of the Scientia Maxime contest

The University of Holguín (UHO) convenes the first edition of the Scientia Maxime scientific communication contest to be held in January 2021, with the aim of socializing the main research results of this teaching institution, as well as those of the entities of this branch in the province.

Lisneth Rodríguez Hernández, director of institutional communication of the UHO, explained to the press that science is a distinctive element of universities and their contribution to society, which is why the educational center seeks a space to exchange about the studies carried out on this area in Holguín.

The bases of the contest admit various topics related to the improvement of educational programs, organizational management, computerization of processes, products and services in the various sectors related to communication in Holguín.

Besides, projects on the local development of the province, the metalworking industry so as physical-sports and recreational activity will be included. The call for this contest, she pointed out, will be open to researchers in the field of communication so as UHO professors and students, who, from their functions and environments, are dedicated to promoting and making university science visible.

The admission period expires on January 3rd of next year and the results will be announced on Cuban Science Day, to be commemorated nationally on the 15th of the same month.

Scientia Maxime is a new event organized by the University of Holguín, co-sponsored by the Association of Social Communicators and the Union of Journalists of Cuba in this eastern territory, with the purpose of creating a space for the exchange of research carried out in the field of communication in the province.

José Enrique Agüero Pérez, president of the Association of Social Communicators in Holguín, explained to the press that the name of the contest is written in Latin and means especially science.