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University of Holguín celebrates its 52nd anniversary

The University of Holguín finished its celebration days for the 52nd anniversary of the institution's foundation with a tribute gala at the José de la Luz y Caballero headquarters.

The training of professionals and the ability to solving problems of impact in the social and economic sphere of the province for more than five decades were elements highlighted in the meeting.

Besides, with the presence of authorities from the Party, the Government and the Union of Education Workers, the meeting allowed the recognition of those who work hard in order to position the Holguín House of Higher Education as a reference.

Moreover, within this framework, the master's and doctorate programs were distinguished, which were evaluated with the category of Excellence by the National Accreditation Board.

The Holguín Symphony Orchestra and voices from the Rodrigo Prats Lyrical Theater entertained the event, where the 55th anniversary seal was also awarded to Luis Felipe Álvarez López, and young representatives of outstanding working life in the institution.

Similarly, in the main speech, the efforts made by workers, students and teachers of the center in the confrontation with Covid-19 were denoted.