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Cuban industry promotes efficient technologies and the use of renewable energies

The Electronic Business Group (GELECT) promotes applications and services for final energy consumers in the state and residential sector, in order to achieve high energy efficiency standards and promote the use of renewable energy.
Ricardo González Dunn, first vice president of that superior organization of business management (OSDE), mentioned that their efforts are aimed at the use of affordable and non-polluting energy in the country, as provided in the National Program for Economic and Social Development until 2030.

Besides, he stated that in coordination with the National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy, equipment is produced with energy efficiency requirements, such as induction cookers, with higher performance than those that use electricity.

On the other hand, González Dunn explained that semi-automatic washing machines are also manufactured; besides, these are currently marketed through electronic commerce in hard currency stores, now as the only way to attract foreign currency and replenish supplies, he said.

In alliance with other entities, GELECT develops important projects related to the use of renewable energies, while the production of solar panels will be joined by the photovoltaic pumping systems program, which will benefit the agriculture, tourism and hydraulics sectors.

Likewise, agreements are made with organizations of the European Union for the development of joint projects with the Cuban Company for Integral Automation (Cedai), intended for the construction of energy efficient buildings.