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Holguín canning factory towards the benefit of productive programs

The Turquino canning factory in the province of Holguín is under a repair process of all its production and service areas, with the purpose of reinforcing the work of processing fruits and vegetables for their commercialization in the different Cuban markets.

Ramón Rodríguez, general director of the entity, with more than 70 years of operation, affirmed that the Holguín facility was in a considerable state of wear and tear due to the age of its technology; however, investments have made possible to improve the machines functioning so as the comfort in productive areas.

In addition, investments enabled a commercial unit at the entrance of the industry known as the “Canning route”, recently inaugurated, where derivatives of canned fruits and vegetables are offered in different packaging formats.

The Turquino canning factory, located in San Field district of the capital of Holguín, processes around 4,700 tons of agricultural products in the year, which are mainly aimed at social consumption and commercial entities, including Las Tunas, a province that lacks an industry of such magnitude.

More than 100 varieties of products make up the collection of this industry, among which the derivatives of tomato, guava and mango are distinguished by their high level of acceptance; besides, canned vegetables, the elaboration of derivatives of papaya, of dressings and the recently inserted nuts such as peanuts and corn.