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Qualis, new publication of the University of Holguín

The University of Holguín, considering the XXII International University Congress 2020, presented the first edition of its magazine Qualis, a publication that shows the results and challenges of this center, and its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In order to show its advances, the initial edition conceives an editorial line based on discovering a representative portion of science and education that flourishes on the premises of the institution.

The topics include the quality and accreditation of academic programs, virtualization and internationalization of Higher Education, the university-business management and its contribution to the productive, environmental, economic and social development of the province. In addition, there is the tribute to prominent personalities within the scientific and teaching work, so as testimonies of graduates and students with their experience of growth provided by this center.

The compendium devotes a section to the publishing house Conciencia Ediciones, which, five years after its foundation, has contributed to cultural development within the national and international context by disseminating the intellectual production of this academic community, among other Cuban and foreign institutions.

The allusion to (Qualis) represents quality as a characteristic and as a goal of this house of high studies, is a key aspect in the conception of this product, which transcends the nominal limits of the promotional publication. The qualifier in Latin and the sections that it proposes, nominated in this mother tongue, refer to not forgetting the origins and culture within the university work.

Moreover, its pages share "the essences of the results of its protagonists works: researchers, professors, students, who day by day, offer their talent, cultivate their constancy and reward their efforts in an institution that welcomes and nurtures them, it forges them and frees them as women and men of creative thought and action,”as quotes the prologue of the magazine with the words of D.Sc. Isabel Torres Torres, rector of the center of higher studies.

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