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A station for grinded cement is built in Antilla

A station for the reception of grinded cement is built in Antilla, a port city in the province of Holguín, in view of the increased demand for this product considering the territory tourist development among other works.

This plant will have six silos with a capacity of 320 tons of cement each, three have already been completed and the rest will be in April, according to the newspaper Trabajadores on today's edition.

The cement trading unit, whose investment is around four million pesos, will be the first of its kind in the country, as it will have three modes of supply: by land, by rail and by sea.

This last modality will be enabled during a third construction stage, in which the pipe connection system will be executed to allow future bulk ships pumping directly to the hoppers.

Karel Antonio Campaña Conde, director of the Commercial Company of Cement in Holguín, mentioned the plant emerges to bring that necessary resource to the Antillean municipality, where important tourist works are executed, which will save about nine tons of fuel per month.

Moreover, with the beginning of the "bulk carrier", as this facility is called, the 136 trips by truck that were monthly necessary to meet the high cement demand of the new tourist area will be stopped, amounting to three thousand 500 tons.

Besides, it has a modern design, in correspondence with the development of the tourist area named Ramón de Antilla, also it has a download system using computerized compressors, a closed surveillance circuit and a billing system linked to another that exists in Holguín city.

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