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New product of natural and traditional medicine is marketed in Holguín

The tincture of banana pseudostem, a new product of natural and traditional medicine, will begin to be marketed in the province of Holguín, as part of a strategy to increase the use of these products.

Marielis Fernández, specialist of the Provincial Directorate of Public Health, commented that this drug is used in the treatment of bedsores, frequent injuries in prostrate older adults and people with disabilities.

She stressed this product will be sold in the external pharmacy of Lucía Íñiguez Landín Clinical Surgical Hospital, located in the main city, as part of the provincial service of natural and traditional medicine.

The drug replaces the pharmacological action of tannic acid, which is lacking in the pharmacy network of the eastern territory, due to the limitations caused by the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States against Cuba.

During 2019, more than seven million units of natural compounds were produced in the province, an alternative to reduce the effects of the genocidal policy that restricts the acquisition of raw materials for the production of industrial medicines.

Natural and traditional medicine emerged more than two thousand years ago in the Asian continent, although its use spread worldwide since the twentieth century in industrialized countries.

Currently, the World Health Organization recognizes about 119 components of 60 plant families with pharmacological action, according to the Cuban encyclopedia Ecured.

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