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A solidarity brigade United States - Cuba is on tour around Gibara

A group of eleven Americans are visiting the municipality of Gibara.

During their stay in the white villa, tourists have visited places of economic and cultural interest in that territory; also they have enjoyed multiple experiences in neighborhoods and communities as part of the town-to-town exchange.

A cultural festivity for the community took place in Ranchón El Juvenil, located downtown.  During the show, these visitors together with the locals enjoyed the performances offered by the groups: Renacer, La Colmenita and the company Alas Buenas, from the City of Parks.

Members of a children’s community project named Chamber girl voices from Gibara’s audiovisual received this solidarity brigade in the Natural History Museum. Children and adolescents shared their impressions on the audiovisual world during a fruitful morning. At the same time, these friends watched the films made by this child-youth creation group.

Moreover, each visitor visualized the 20 images that make up the exhibition of photographs "Patria and Roots" at the cultural center.

In the midst of the restrictions and reactionary measures applied by the United States government to our country, including the financial economic blockade, these eleven Americans representing the love of the American people towards our Island and the union between both of our peoples reach the province of Holguín, what makes possible to build bridges over those barriers imposed by others, those that can be mocked with more actions of affection and tenderness in the face of discord and hatred.

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