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Scientific journals have been published in digital format in Holguín

The publication of 14 scientific journals in digital format stands out among the Holguín province initiatives in order to foster the development of computerization programs in Cuban society.

Leonardo Nieves, specialist of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the territory, stressed that among these materials are Holguín Sciences, Medical Scientific Courier, Advanced Technology and the Bimestrial Holguín Newsletter.

He mentioned these journals contribute to the dissemination of advances in science and technological innovation in the territory, where there are more than 40 projects, whose results have been socialized this way.

Nieves remarked the publications are in the national registry, which has allowed the dissemination of more than 500 materials written by Holguín authors.

In addition to these actions, there is the preparation of brochures and contents for Ecured and La Mochila digital sites, dedicated to the publication of topics of Cuban economic and social life, history, culture, traditions, among others, commented the specialist.

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