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The efficient coffee roaster of Holguín

The business unit of coffee roaster named Reynerio Almaguer in Holguín, has strengthened as the best of its kind in the country by complying with the main parameters of quality and productive efficiency for two consecutive years.

In 2019, the entity achieved the production record by more than 2,500 tons, by securing the mixed and ground coffee destined to the basic ration for the 14 municipalities of Holguín and other Cuban provinces, including the capital, according to an exclusive interview for aldia.cu with Ríder Sánchez Hijuelos, director of this business unit.

Inhabitants of several territories belonging to the provinces of Granma and Las Tunas will receive the ration of this product corresponding to the month of February, which is currently produced by the more than 90 workers of this enterprise.

Every day, 9 tons of bottled coffee are guaranteed according to different demands of companies, organizations and the population, which include the five brands that are currently marketed by this roaster.

Ríder Sánchez highlighted that, currently, the crime rate is zero; at the same time they experience remarkable results in the use of raw material and the saving of energy carriers.

More than a 50 percent of the industry workers exceed 25 years of experience in that center, so the sense of belonging is a feature of this team, which has the status of nationally relevant in the invention movement.

Moreover, they own the national vanguard flag and aspire to the status of labor feat for the integrality of their results over several years of work, guaranteeing the aroma and morning flavor of a large part of Cuban homes.

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