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Musical tastes and trends

The world is experiencing a period of cultural transformations without any setback. The present century arrived with changes in every way, especially in music.

It seems that what is produced today by the cultural industry is the opposite of what was heard in previous years. While our grandparents used to listen to music with some kind of story or teaching, nowadays songs of simple structures as well as those without values and respect are gaining prominence.

Cuba does not escape from that sound invasion, since valuable musical genres, authors and performers have been relegated, while less elaborate ones gain popularity. Regardless of the role played by the record industry and the media, young people are quite responsible of this phenomenon.

While it is true that everyone is free to express and consume what they want, it is also true that for each musical genre there is a place, an occasion and also an age; because it is uncomfortable to see how a child memorizes songs that, due to their content , are not adequate for his knowledge and short life experience.

Moreover, parents are in charge of this reality and they are responsible for ensuring their kids education, besides, we know that exposing them to such incoherent and rude letters is not the most appropriate way to raise a child.

Every day there are more interpretations with extravagant language, whose content should be analyzed in greater depth. Maybe a party is a convenient space to render these musical genres, of course, always taking into account the kind of party.

But why do we have to listen to what we do not want when we are in our neighborhood, a bus or other public space? Why allow an irresponsible person to try to impose his tastes on us, even when they violate the legislation regarding permissible noise levels?

Our grandparents say, when they perceive new trends, that "youth is lost." I do not think so: the preference for a musical genre does not define who you are. We are all responsible and owners of what we do, but we must learn to live in society and behave without involving second people.

Every human being has the right to enjoy any cultural manifestation or tendency, but also has the duty to prevent his activities from affecting the tranquility of others, without forgetting that our tastes represent us.

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