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More than 43 thousand people exercise non-state work in Holguín

The non-state or self-employment modality is exercised by more than 43 thousand people in the province of Holguín, according to statistics revealed by the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power (APPP).

The aforementioned source pointed out that young people are represented by a figure that exceeds 14 thousand out of the total self-employed, equivalent to a 32.5 percent; while there are more than 12 thousand 900 women, which represents a 29.7 percent.

As for the municipalities that have the largest number of non-state workers, there are Holguín with more than 21 thousand; Banes with three thousand 166; Gibara with two thousand 521; Mayarí with two thousand 351; Rafael Freyre with two thousand 273; and Moa with two thousand 200.

Moreover, out of the total number of people who exercise non-state or self-employment in the province of Holguín, more than 33 thousand are affiliated with the social security system.

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