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People from Holguín comment on the current situation regarding fuel supply

José Almarales, resident of Plaza de la Revolución in Holguín city, as a steady follower of the informative Round Table, remained very attentive to the clarifications of the Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez regarding the measures announced on the fuel situation in the country, which he described emphatically as timely and encouraging.

I am a historian, but always aware of the economic situation in the country, Almarales said after listening and writing as much as he could about the explanations offered by the Cuban president on television, in order to make neighbors and colleagues aware that these circumstances have been provoked by a delay in fuel delivery and it does not mean a new special period as many have commented previous to the Round Table.

There were really encouraging details, said the Historian, because the President Díaz-Canel also took advantage of the space to ratify to the US administration that Cuba will continue to strengthen the different socio-economic spheres and programs despite all those continuous and aggressive actions and threats through the economic and financial embargo against the Caribbean nation.

I just watched the Round Table today, said Rolando Díaz, a motorist who arrived at Los Libertadores avenue in Holguín city to fill up his means of transport, where he told everyone who waited for that service that the presentation of Díaz-Canel meant to detail short-term situations regarding fuel and the necessary measures to keep the country moving forward despite the maneuvers of imperialism.

I consider the president's orientations as to being rational in the use of energy carriers are very practical, such as working from home when there are resources like those of the workplace; and reordering transportation in companies so that services are performed without affecting the main activities, Rubisell Peña pointed out, an electronics specialist in the freelance sector in the Holguín capital.

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