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The planting of vegetables and beans are prioritized in Holguín

The current sowing campaign of agricultural lines that will last from this month to February, will enhance vegetables  and beans crops in the Holguín province as one of the priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture towards a progressive increase in food production.

Farmers, as a predominant force in this branch within the Holguín territory, will assume the bulk of this program and the rest of the areas to be planted will be in charge of state entities, basically concentrated on the different agricultural areas of the province, among which stand out for their productive potentials those of Mayarí-Cueto, Limoncito, La Yuraguana, Velasco and Beola.

Carlos Alberto Ricardo Ledea, specialist in the provincial delegation of agriculture, confirmed that the comprehensive planting plan in this period is estimated at 32 thousand 400 hectares, of which about 19 thousand will be dedicated to vegetables and grains, crops that will have in this time a slight increase in irrigation systems.

On this line, precisely, the province expanded so far this year the investments on the main agricultural entities of the territory, especially those areas linked to the hydraulic works of the east-west diversion, which is under construction, mainly in territories of Mayarí and Cueto, but also Velazco and Rafael Freyre.

The director of agriculture highlighted the availability of the sector with regard to machinery for working the land and other means that could be used as alternatives despite fuel limitations, specifically animal traction force.

The planting plans, he said, have been growing progressively in Holguín territories for about five years in almost two thousand hectares and currently it is estimated to reach its peak in the last five years with 32 thousand 400 hectares engaged.

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