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Natural and traditional medicine, one more alternative

As a therapeutic alternative for the population in the Holguín province pharmacies, a group of drugs of natural origin is sold, mostly without restrictions.

Among the most demanded are the bottles of Asmacán, a product made by the Labiofam Business Group with expectorant pharmacological action and prophylactic or adjuvant use in people with high levels of oxidative stress.

This medicine made of Hibiscus elatus (Majagua) flower extract, sap of pseudo stem of Musa spp, honey, and aloe barbadenis gel (aloe and propolin), has no contraindications. Only patients allergic to hive products should refrain from taking it.   

Asmacán can be given to adults as well as children, whose dose should be one teaspoon (5 ml) before food intake, three times a day; and for older people the dosage is one tablespoon. (15 ml) with similar frequency to the former.

Another product on sale is the Nutrisol dietary supplement, made of sap of pseudo stem of Musa spp, honey and propolin, containing a mixture of bioactive substances, including proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals.

Doctors indicate this drug to increase appetite and restore the nutritional status of patients. Ms. Mariagni Fernández Suárez, head of the Pharmaceutical Services Section of the provincial Health Directorate, reported that Trofín will be distributed next week, a Cuban product of natural origin with anti-anemic properties and one of the most demanded by the population; as well as Neotrophin tablets, which is a variant of that restorative.

Moreover, during these days bottles of Abexol tablets, antioxidant that protects the gastric mucous, have been present in pharmacies for sale. Each of its 30 tablets contains beeswax alcohol extract and its price is nine pesos with 75 cents each flask.

On the other hand, the official explained, in addition, the pharmacy relocated in Maceo and Aricochea has a professional team prepared to respond to requests for preparation of master formulas, after a medical prescription. There it can be prepared the following products:

Chromium mercury at 2%, blue methylene, argirol 2%, acetic Acid 2%, analgesic balm, calamine lotion, copper sulfate (Papers), physiological serum, salicylic iodine, Iodine tincture, magnesium sulfate 33%, brush strokes for fungi and frictions. 

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