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Promoting breastfeeding in Holguín

Public Health Specialists, legal advisors and leaders of the Cuban Women Federation in Holguín had a meeting with more than 150 pregnant women in the province in the Maternal Home “March 8”.

The pregnant women received educational talks about the right way of breastfeeding so as the sensory, cognitive and emotional benefits of doing so exclusively during the first six months of the baby's life and up to two years.

"It is the first vaccine, since breast milk has all the nutrients, proteins and minerals that are going to help their future development," said María Caridad Charchaval. Then, Katia Gómez Fernández said "we managed to have more communication with our baby and we contribute to health mainly ".

The meeting was attended by Dr. Pablo Feal Cañizares, director of the National Unit for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention of the Ministry of Public Health and Dr. Olga Reville, responsible for the educational aspect of the Mother and Child program in that entity.

The director acknowledged the work of Holguín health promoters and said that "experiences like these should be shared throughout the country, as they contribute to the health of the mother, family and children."

The exchange in the northeastern territory, where there is the largest number of daily deliveries in the country, is part of the activities for the World Breastfeeding Week, which promotes this natural and nutritious food for newborns.

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