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Art also plays in the mountains

The seventeenth edition of the cultural, sports and recreational Trepada was an important event on this summer in the intricate communities of the Turquino Plan in Holguín province.

The mountains of the East of Cuba are impressive at all times of the year, but during these summer days the rain left its mark on the narrow roads of the Holguín mountain range, where the journey continues as part of the cultural recreational programs.

An artistic brigade, convened by the Government and the Provincial Directorate of Culture, brought the best of its creation to the most distant settlements belonging to the municipalities of Cueto, Mayarí, Frank País, Sagua de Tánamo and Moa, accompanied by workers of the National Institute of Sports and Recreation (INDER).

Marianela Milanés commented that since the end of the school year she had not seen the children of the La Aúya People's Council in Mayarí so happy, until the start of the show starring the Oral Narration Company Palabras al Viento, the Ayala Magician, the Zapya comedy duo and the unmistakable creole rhythm of the Dima group, punto and son.

The days of August are different in these mountains, where the inhabitants decorate a rustic place on the top of a hill and everyone gathers to laugh with the inventions of the comedians or get stunned when Carlos Ayala makes doves appear and disappear.

They also witnessed the romance between Lilo and Nanana, a robust troubadour who fell in love with a naive and passionate donut seller, characters represented by the members of Palabras al Viento, who, with romantic tunes and an excellent stage presence provoked ovations in the audience.

Reaching the farthest geography and presenting first-level works in makeshift stages is fabulous, it creates an indescribable bond with people, said Yensi Cruz Ricardo, actress-narrator.

There are performances by musicians who season these summer days with a repertoire of anthological national themes, including el punto cubano, seguidillas y controversias.

The teacher Mairela Lao, resident of Birán Farm in Cueto, stressed that the cultural Trepada is a unique opportunity, since it allows to enjoy high quality works, especially for children, contributing to their intellectual training.

Each summer a representation of artists from Holguín province travels through several sites of the Turquino Plan so as to bring joy and culture to people who live in intricate places.

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