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New rooms for medical care are reopened in Holguín hospitals

Three rooms were reopened in the hospitals of Holguín city as part of the investment program developed by the Provincial Health Directorate, which prioritizes the rehabilitation and remodeling of spaces to offer patients greater comfort.

One of the opened areas was that of Gastro and Acute Diarrheal Disease, belonging to the Octavio de la Concepción and Pedraja Pediatric Hospital, an important institution of Holguín medicine where there are professionals for 25 specialties and it counts with more than 460 beds.

The new room has the capacity to serve 18 people and the cubicles are arranged according to age, each with a separate bathroom, lockers for storing belongings and it also has a classroom for medical teaching.

Moreover, in the University General Hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin, a room for observation services was reopened, whose structure allows workers a closer approach to the hospitalized ones, said Dr. Julio Yamil Verdecia, general director of the welfare institution.

At the same time, the population will have a renovated and air-conditioned space with 15 capacities, bathrooms with hot and cold water, in addition to departments for medical staff, explained the director.

The geriatrics services of the General Clinical Surgical Hospital Lucía Íñiguez Landín have been also benefited, in this case with an investment of nearly 83 thousand pesos for a general remodeling of those areas, said Lourdes Mayté Pérez Martínez, hospital supervisor.

The work, he mentioned, included the remodeling from the ceiling to the drainage system, the furniture and the walls, as well as the recovery of the living room and the pantry.

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