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US is looking for pretexts to intensify the embargo against Cuba

The Cuban minister of foreign affairs Bruno Rodríguez reiterated that the government of the United States seeks pretexts to increase confrontation and intensify the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed on the island for almost six decades.

It is a lie to say there have been deliberate acts against their diplomats in Cuba. There is not the slightest evidence or scientific explanation.

The United States manipulates for political purposes. It looks for pretexts to increase confrontation and intensify the embargo, as the official wrote on his Twitter account @BrunoRguezP.

The Government of Cuba assured that no evidence of acoustic or other attacks against US diplomats was found.
No possible authors have been identified, nor people with motivation, intention or means to execute this type of action, affirmed the Lieutenant Colonel, Roberto Hernández at a press conference offered in the Chancellery.

Moreover, the general director of Cuban Foreign Ministry for the United States, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, reiterated the island guarantees the safety of all people, including members of the diplomatic corps accredited here.
Fernández de Cossío said Cuba has not questioned whether there could be sick staff. The truth is that, from the investigations and existing evidence, nothing indicates the disease they may suffer or the symptoms reported are the result of their stay on the island.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Valdés, director of the Neurosciences Center of Cuba, summarized the work done by the committee of Cuban experts and the Academy of Sciences of the island on the alleged incidents of health reported by United States diplomats.

Washington insists on using the term attacks for the alleged health problems experienced by their diplomats, a position considered by Havana as part of the interest of the current administration in the White House in reversing the steps towards the bilateral approach given during the management of Barack Obama.

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Cuba rejects the United States decision to hinder Cuban citizens’ travel

On March 15th, the United States Chargé d'Affaires in Havana,Mara Tekach, announced that, from the 18th of this month, the United States will reduce for the Cuban citizens the validity time of the B2 visa from 5 years to three months, with a single entry, with the presumed intention of equating these terms with the validity time granted by Cuba to American travelers.

This way, the government of the United States United increases the obstacles for family visits and with others purposes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects this decision that constitutes an additional obstacle to the exercise of the right of Cuban citizens to visit their relatives in that country. This measure is added to the closing of the services of the United States Consulate in Havana, to the unjustified interruption of the granting of visas to Cubans, forcing them to travel to third countries without any guarantee of obtaining a visa, and non-compliance with the visa fee established by the Migratory Agreements. This decision also imposes high economic costs to family travel and exchange in multiple areas.

It is not true this decision was taken under a criterion of reciprocity, since Cuba offers all the facilities so that US citizens, from any country in the world, including the United States itself, obtain a visa, which is issued at the moment, to travel to Cuba. If the United States really wants to apply reciprocity, it should immediately open a Consulate in Havana, and resume the process of granting visas, which was arbitrary and unjustified interruptedmore than a year ago, so as to eliminate the prohibition on US citizens from traveling freely to Cuba.

Cuba reiterates its willingness to continue working to guarantee the increasing flow of travelers in both directions on a regular basis, ordered and safe.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba
Havana, March 16th, 2019

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Growth in the ACLIFIM membership

The Cuban Association of Physical MotorLimited (ACLIFIM) in Holguín province has grown as to membership in its 39th anniversary, adding almost eight thousand associates and encouraging the commitment towards the social object, having as priority the care and work at the base.

The link with grassroots organizations has been fruitful in the period of 2018, when it was carried out the reordering of procedures as a new tool to articulate generaland specific objectivesso as to achieve effectiveness in the execution of strategy.

The setting of priorities was significant for the areas of key results and the activities of the organization. They revitalized organic functioningstarting by the municipality ofGibara, they gave personalized treatment to Rafael Freyre, where the critical cases were visited and their concerns were processed. They worked on the documentation and completion of the structures at thebase.

They also attended different programs and insisted on the need for each Vice President and President to be empowered of the knowledge that encloses their spheres.

They fulfilled the work objectives for the period with a whole program aimed at the inclusion and participation of associates through sports, culture, recreation and education, so that, for example, in the Severe Disability Event 739 participated, highlighting the category of testimony, which allowed raising the level of knowledge of each case in the place where they reside andat the same time, it was a positive influence on the expansion of their human relationships  with neighbors and relatives.

Courses, workshops, times of equal opportunities wereloved by the associates along with the rest of the programs: organization, social integration, education, health, and the economy was very careful with a daily posting so there is no error.