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Radiocuba in Holguín works to achieve healthy and safe work environments

Nowadays, the Radio Communication and Broadcasting Company of Cuba (Radiocuba) in the province of Holguín prioritizesactivities related to health and safety at work as part of ajourney on the subject which is taking place throughout the island since the first of the current month.

Iris Brito, the head of Human Capital and Radiocuba Organizationin the territory indicated that in each of the company's facilities in the province, occupational safety and health are the order of the day, because practically all the tasks undertaken by their different actors imply risks for life.

In addition, she explained, we are developing control actions to the use of personal protective equipment, self-inspections and risks assessments, and surprise inspections to internal and external areas to verify their organization and sanitation.

YailínBayo, specialist in Human Resources Management at the Holguín radio and communication center, affirmed that other activities they carry out in view of the journeyon health and safety at work which will end on November 30th, are morning meetings, conferences and debates on the subject.

Also digitally, he added, we are circulating bulletins that offer, for example, the rights of workers linked to this issue and useful tips to prevent fires and multiple conditions resulting from excessive efforts, such as tendonitis.

The National Day of Occupational Health and Safety, summoned by the Cuban Workers Central (CTC by its Spanish initials) and its unions, in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, is held every year to help reduce accidents and improve the conditions in working areas.

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JetBlueAirline has a new direct route Boston-Havana

JetBlue, the first airline in the United States to begin regular flights to Cuba in 2016, inaugurated an operational service between Boston Logan Airport and José Martí International Airport, in Havana, on a weekly basis, every Saturday.

The first direct flight with 125 passengers on board arrived from that city in the United Statesto Terminal 3 of the Havana airport facility, one of the four destinations of the company on the Island along with Santa Clara, Camagüey and Holguín.

After the traditional greeting with water and the cutting of the ribbon in representation of the new option, Giselle Cortés, director of JetBlue International Airports,commented the press that the company remains committed to Cuba, and it is a long-term commitment, she said.

She stressed that it is the only non-stop service between the New England region and Cuba, which enables the trip from that area to the Greater Antilles and this becomes another contact point between the two peoples.

Connecting families and people means a lot to our company, she said. The executivedeclared that the company also has the mission to inspire other airlines and companies to take this same position towards Cuba.

Omar Goslin, director of Terminal 3 of the José Martí airport, stressed that the flight received exemplifies the potential of the Cuban market for US airlines and other companies.

It is an eloquent reflection of the commitment of sectors, companies and North American institutions for a bilateral relationship different from the one that Washington tries to impose.

Regular flights have allowed a smoother flow of passengers between the two countries to date, and the opening of this route ratifies its sustainability and convenience for both parties, he said.

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Sol Río de Luna y Mares: an environmentally friendly hotel

Not coincidentally, the hotel Sol Rio de Luna y Mares was built around a seedbed, this one belongs to Gaviota S.A tourism group and it is managed by Meliábusiness group.

Besides, it is the oldest of Holguín tourist area, which was founded in November 1991.The facility has respected its natural environment for more than two decades within 11 hectares of extensionas one of its undeniable values.

Ingo Schuster, a German native from Hamburg, knows this asbeing a visitor "spoiled" by all workers, since he was the first guest in the hotel and there is no one who does not know his jokes and his sense of belonging to this vital space.

"Since the day I arrived here I have seen that workers take care of plants and nature. I even know couples of foreigners from several countries who planted a tree here while they were celebrating their honeymoon, "says the tourist, with more than a hundred trips to Cuba in his itinerary.

There is a harmony between the hotel infrastructure andthe natural landscape which is recognized by the clients who choose this destination. Efforts stand out to offer a product environmentally friendly that favorsa culture on sustainability, whichendorses the Environment Provincial Award granted on June 5th, 2018.

For example, the ecological trail "Las Guanas" engages strangers in a tour about the first inhabitants of the island. Then,they can access the so-called Ciboney cave, which simulates a funerary grotto and it is an icon of this protected area full of endemism, highlighting a cactus that "lives" here more than 200 years ago.

All before they reach the lookout of Playa Esmeralda, from where one can observe the sea, but not the different efforts carried out here to ensure the preservation of natural resources and the promotion of an environmental culture.

I say it because down there, in the distance, are the garbage baskets and the fences that "advise" to protect the coastal ecosystem, but they can be seen from the look out only with binoculars.

Sitting on a beach lounge, the Canadian Renata Malage, surrounded by family and friends, recognizes the qualities of this place: "I have been to Cuba many times and this is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, with a good integral management, because they clean it very early, almost at dawn, so we can enjoy it ".

Experts say that one of the most beautiful resorts on Holguín coast, deserves the status of Environmental Beach, given the reduction of impacts on the coastal ecosystem and the monitoring of actionsby Life Task. The specialists have already delivered the corresponding documentation, with the requiredindicators.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel effective initiatives have been carried out, such as the use of gel dispensers to avoid excessive use of plastic bottles, along with the functioning of taps, and the elimination of toilets tanks and bathtubs, among other efforts for saving water.

The use of sprinklers in the care of nurseries and gardens to ensure the replanting, the correct management of hazardous waste, the entry of television sets with low energy consumption and the elimination of polluting gases for the ozone layer, such as the R-22, thanks to new cooling equipment, they talk about a sustainable work, with the same seedbed of the nursery announcing to everyone that the care of the environment in this hotel is a letter of presentation.