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Moa, Beyond Nickel

The history of Moa and the lives of its more than 70 thousand inhabitants are marked by the extraction of nickel stored in its soil. The deposits of the municipality -located to the north of the province of Holguín-, have been exploited for years and the calculations indicate that in little more than two decades they will be completely exhausted.

The Granma newspaper highlights today that in view of the high economic dependence of this mining activity, since 2013 it has been possible to reorient the future development of the territory. A

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Announced Advances in Air Accident Investigation in Havana

Officers of the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC) reported today that it has been recovered almost all the information of the black boxes of the Boeing 737-200 crashed in Havana on 18 May last.

According to the president of that entity, Armando Daniel López, they have been able to decipher between 90 and 95 percent of the content of the black box that captures the voices and other sounds in the cabin of the aircraft.

Meanwhile, it was possible to clarify one

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Díaz-Canel to Telesur: What We Want is to Build a Better Country, a Better World

It was a warm conversation full of arguments, in the intimate sobriety of a room in the Palace of the Revolution, where Fidel and Raúl walked so many times. Patricia Villegas brought her backpack full of questions for the Cuban President; the closest and also the questioning. From Cuba to the United States and Latin America, from the President to the human being, the first interview that Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez granted to a media outlet since he assumed the maximum responsibility of the state and government in our