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El Almirante is getting ready, the only 5-star hotel of Cubanacán Group in Holguín

It is located next to one of the best beaches in Cuba and stands out for its imposing architecture, a mixture of high comfort and modernity. This is how Almirante Hotel grew in Guardalavaca in the province of Holguín.

It will be the only 5-star category of Cubanacán hotel group on the entire north coast of eastern Cuba. Its 514 rooms will allow to enter the international market with greater force in a third phase of recovery after Covid 19. Construction works have reached a final stage, and the completion by the end of this year will allow an eventual start of operations.

Yitsy Hernández, deputy director of the facility, points out the work is approximately 90 percent complete, with the a fundamental area, which includes the main block, plus two residential blocks, as well as service areas with a buffet, restaurants and snack. In a second stage, a royal floor will be completed, with pool and service areas, plus another block of rooms.

The new hotel will also have a Spa, a water park and a VIP bar, at the top of the main building. It not only raises the quality standards of the country's tourist options, but also marks the continuity of a development strategy for the sector on the Holguín coast.

This is confirmed by Yaima Suarez, MINTUR sub-delegate in Holguín: “It is an opportunity to explore new market segments and potential clients not only in Canada but also in Europe, who are looking for new facilities, high comfort, good service and a varied offer. In addition, it will show the world everything that has been done in the territory in terms of tourism processes."

As in the rest of hotel and non-hotel facilities on the island, it is committed to a gradual reopening of tourism, in compliance with strict sanitary protocols in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. El Almirante will rise to the level of its 5 stars, as one of the most attractive tourist options in eastern Cuba.

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Rehabilitation of water treatment plants

The workers of the René Ramos Latourt Services Company (NICAROTEC), rehabilitate the three water treatment plants located in the city of Holguín. The contributions of the plant known as Pedernales, given its location, will grow 100 liters per second, until it is confirmed as one of the highest capacity in the province.

Several years of use underlined the deterioration of the Holguín water treatment plants, until their deliveries were reduced. The brigades repair the structures, replace equipment and automate the water treatment process, without stopping the supply.

More than 250 thousand clients from the main city will benefit from the interventions. The water will gain quality and reach more people within the renovation of pumping stations. The rehabilitation of the Holguín plants reaches approximately 45 percent of execution. They are expected to operate at full capacity next year.

Similar facilities will be born in the municipalities of Banes, Cueto and Antilla. The 11 water treatment plants in the province favor almost 400 thousand inhabitants. Plants have never before received such an ambitious intervention, with plenty of benefits.

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Holguín's tourism sector has rehabilitated its facilities in post-COVID-19 stage

During the implementation of the plan of measures to contain COVID-19, tourism sector in the province of Holguín carried out maintenance and repair work on hotel facilities, in view of a progressive reopening in the recovery phase of such pandemic.

Maikel Robelt, commercial specialist of that branch in this eastern territory, stated that the façades of Club Amigo Atlántico and Brisas hotels, in the tourist area of ??Guardalvaca, were generally revived and beautified, as well as those belonging to Islazul Group. In this period, he added, the absence of clients allowed maintaining vital systems such as pool pumping so as hot and cold water supply.

Besides, actions were also carried out at Brisas Guardalavaca hotel, focused mainly on the pool and beach areas, where the stages for night shows were reconditioned and a ranch for gastronomic services was installed. In addition, there was a structural improvement of the club for beach activities and a diving center available for all areas of the tourist facility.

The bulk of investments belonging to Islazul chain focused on Pernik hotel, in this city, with the expansion of the area for night-time activities, and pool areas, which will have all the requirements of international standards and new added values, such as barbecue, reserved area and comfortable bathrooms.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Mirador de Mayabe, various investments were also made in that facility, located about five kilometers from the provincial capital, such as the reconstruction of a wine cellar, the repair of the peasant's house, the ranch, pool areas and the oldest rooms of such cozy center.

Among the great works pending to be inaugurated are Iberostar Selection Bahía El Almirante hotel, in Guardalavaca, one of the largest in eastern Cuba with a five-star plus category and a capacity of 515 rooms, as well as the Saratoga, in the historic center of Holguín's capital.

Moreover, there are other facilities supported by the Ministry of Tourism such as four camping bases that are under construction in the municipalities of Banes, Antilla and Frank País, which are expected to open before the end of this year.

During the cessation of tourist activities in the province due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the sector carried out more than a thousand actions planned under the construction and maintenance program scheduled for the year. At the same time, conditions were set to guarantee a good service to customers after the reopening of facilities to national market in the first post-COVID-19 phase.