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The first kidney transplant of a living donor is performed this year in the country

In the recovery room, YusnelisÁlvarezArévalo rests and now she plans new life projects.
The days connected to a hemodialysis machine are left behind for the 29-year-old from the municipality of BartoloméMasó, who is grateful for her father, Enrique Álvarez Tejeda.

Both evolve favorably after performing the first kidney transplant from a living donor, in 2019 in the country.
The success of the complex surgery certifies the professionalism and experience of the multidisciplinary team of the LucíaÍñiguez Hospital, in Holguínprovince, which has carried out 27 surgical interventions of this type since 2013.

The price of the operation fluctuates internationally between 30 and 50 thousand dollars, not including the cost of care and immunosuppressive therapies. But the history in Cuba is another, where all the resources for proceeding are guaranteed free of charge, which stands out for its multiple advantages over that of cadaverous donor.

"When the organ is extracted from a living person, the chances of success are greater because the operation can be planned with better time and care, the degree of compatibility is optimal, so the chances of rejection are reduced, thereforethere is greater survival of the receiver and renal function recovers faster, "said Dr. Roberto Cruz Mayo, Head of the Service in the territory.
The Holguín center of transplants has favored more than 700 patients from the provinces of Las Tunas, Granma and Holguín. It distinguishes among the nine of its kind in the country by the number of implants performed each year, the high rate of organ survival and the low rejection rate, similar to that of developed nations.

This is well-known by Enrique, who thanks to the Cuban Health System can now have a normal life with a single kidney, at the same time he feels hopeful towards his daughter Yusnelis, who suffered from chronic kidney failure.

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Holguín university needs to improve the quality ofthe teaching programs

The university of Holguín, with more than 11 thousand students and 1,700 professors, distinguished itself in 2018 for the improvement of its teaching programs, mainly through the introduction of new careers and teaching modalities.

Roberto Pérez, vice rector of teachingprocess at the center, said that recently, careers likeHydraulics and Electricity Engineering were open, according to the economic potential of the territory and other regions of the eastern Cuba regarding those branches.

The disciplines, he explained, are developed through the meeting course modality, since Holguín requires to train those workers already graduated who are working on this fields.

During 2018, Holguín university also implementedshort cycle education, a novel program, designed to guarantee the continuity of studies of Cuban youth, offering two-year, non-university careers, but with a superior connotation to those of Middle Level Technicians.

Also in 2018, in this house of high studies, the level of socialization between sciences and the field of the humanities was consolidated with the realization of research and multiple projects referred fundamentally to the protection of the environment.

Likewise, the university-society alliance gained strength with the work of the Local Development Support Group, and new foreign cooperation agreements were signed with the higher education facilities of Farmingdale, in the United States, and the Chinese Lanzhou Jiatong.

The Holguín educational center in this context, steps up into 2019, working on the training and improvement of professionals andthe integration, by raising the quality of methods, besides the improvement of short cycle education and the English language teaching, among other projects and programs.

According to the rector, Doctor in Sciences Reynaldo Velázquez, it will be essential for this effort unity, commitment, communication, professionalism, creativity, and above all, exigency.

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Electoral Commission is readyfor the constitutional referendum in Holguín

The Provincial Electoral Commission that will be in charge of organizing, directing and validating the constitutional referendum in Holguín was constituted on Friday morning in Plaza de la Revolución Mayor General "Calixto García Íñiguez".

The 15 people selected by the National Electoral Commission to lead this process in the province, took possession of their positions by signing a solemn oath and commitment to fulfill their duties during this historic process.

Ernesto Santiesteban, first secretary of the Party in Holguín; Julio César Estupiñán, president of the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power, and Luisa MaríaMárquez, member of the National Electoral Commission, along with representatives of political and social organizations were present for this occasion.

Julio César Estupiñán highlighted as remarkable the commitment to integrate the Provincial Electoral Commission and he ratified the confidence of the Party and Government about the fulfillment of the purposes that correspond to this commission during the constitutional referendum.

Likewise, Caridad Ramos Sánchez, ratified as president of the Provincial Electoral Commission, explained that this body will technically, methodologically and logistically lead the process of the constitutional referendum in Holguín.

It should be noted that, on Saturday, the electoral authorities of the 14 municipalities of Holguín, will also take possession of their positions, with the main objective of leadingthe voting process on February 24th in each territory.

According to the president of the Provincial Electoral Commission in Holguín, more than 19,000 electoral authorities will be trained and near 2,470 polling stands will be set up, so that Holguín residents can vote for the new constitution.