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Youngsters from Holguín join productive work in Calixto García municipality

High school students and members of the Union of Young Communists of the province met at Mir town, in Calixto García municipality, in order to make their contribution to agricultural work.

A productive work carried out in the business unit of Limbano Sánchez, belonging to the agricultural company of this municipality, was attended by 120 young people who were in charge of preparing the soil for planting green plantain and banana as well as animal food.

Youngsters of the province take their step forward because they know the country demands from them an essential contribution to obtain from the land the necessary food in each territory and face the impacts of the current epidemiological situation.

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Holguín’s dairy company makes ice creams with local products

Holguín’s dairy company increases its production of fruit ice creams, as part of the strategy for the substitution of imports and the use of local resources, one of the objectives of economic development in Cuba.

Migdalia Moreno, director of that entity, indicated that this measure allows the substitution to a great extent of the fat acquired abroad at high prices in the international market, whose acquisition is also limited by the negative effects of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for almost six decades.

The product contains milk from fruit and cow pulp, and seven percent fat, but maintains the quality standards established for this type of assortment, she pointed out.

She explained that although these offers do not satisfy the required supply for the population, they allow a greater availability of products in the network of Ideal Markets in the eastern territory, which has more than 40 establishments.

The company also produces these foods from whey, she indicated; some varieties stand out such as cottage cheese, stable mini-yogurt and sweet whey, with high quality and acceptance by consumers. Besides, deteriorated containers are reused during production process, converted into 250 gram pots for packaging.

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Cuba as a safe post-covid destination for Canadians

Canadian members of the Travelzoo travel website selected Cuba as the Caribbean destination they would most like to visit in the next two years, reported Juan Carlos García, Cuban Minister of Tourism.

In his official Twitter account, the minister affirmed that this election responds to the security offered by the destination, considering hygiene protocols and travel offers.

"Cuba was selected by the Canadian members of Travelzoo as the Caribbean destination they would most like to visit in the next two years, thanks to its safety, hygiene protocols adopted and travel offers," García tweeted, linking a note to his tweet from Caribbean News Digital website.

The information in the electronic newspaper, aimed primarily at tourism professionals, states that, through a recent survey, Travelzoo is defined as a key to bring travelers to the Caribbean and provide timely and accurate information on travel restrictions.

The cleaning and disinfection protocols implemented, the safety of visitors, a low or decreasing number of positive cases to COVID-19 and flights availability were other factors highlighted by the surveyed when choosing the tourist destination.

For Canadians, Cuba tops the list, followed by the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas, and Barbados, in that order.

A week ago, the Cuban tourist center Jardines del Rey received the first post-pandemic flight from Canada, a country considered the first tourist market for the Antillean nation.

Travelzoo, a travel platform that accumulates more than 30 million members worldwide, considers that tourism in the region could be ready to provide its services after travel restrictions and closures of establishments due to the pandemic.