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US Company Fined for Allegedly Violating Blockade Regulations
Autor :Cuban News Agency, ACN / Fotografías de: - Publicado: 29/06/2017 04:17:33 PM| 0 Opiniones

 The US insurance company American International Group was fined for a sum of 148 thousand 698 USD by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)  for allegedly violating regulations of Washington’s economic blockade against the island.

According to Prensa Latina News Agency, four US companies have been fined so far this year for having violated the genocidal blockade against the Cuban people.

According to OFAC, American International Group was involved in 29 violations while providing insurance to several merchandise delivers to or from Cuba or related with Cuban entities.

This is the second fine in three years that the insurance company has had to pay.  In May of 2014 the US government alleged that its subsidiaries in Canada violated the regulations against Cuba three thousand 560 times since January 2006 to March of 2009.

After Donald Trump became US President, Washington has applied three similar fines, two of these during the month of June.

The American Honda Finance Corporation dedicated in renting and selling vehicles and independent authorized distributors of Honda and Acure products paid a fine of 87 thousand 255 USD.

Before a crowd of extreme right wing Cuban American terrorists in Miami, Donald Trump announced last June 16th, he would reinforce the US economic blockade against Cuba.  He also announced limiting the people in the US to travel to Cuba and stopping any possible commercial relations of US companies with its Cuban counterparts.

With these measures, Trump is adding more obstacles to the already restricted opportunities for the US business sector to trade and invest in Cuba.

Washington and Havana reestablished diplomatic relations last July 20 th 2015 and has signed dozens of agreements and memorandum of understanding in different sectors as part of a process aimed at the normalization of bilateral ties.

However, the main obstacle is the continued economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba which has inflicted human damages to the Cuban people.


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