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US Blockade of Cuba to Limit Access to Food Market
Autor :Prensa Latina / Fotografías de: - Publicado: 19/09/2016 09:32:44 AM| 0 Opiniones

 The economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the US on Cuba for almost 60 years continues today as one of the major constraints for access of the island to international food markets.

Although the Caribbean nation has one of the most comprehensive social protection programs in the world and is credited with achievements such as the eradication of chronic malnutrition and child malnutrition, the food sector is one of the most affected by the unilateral American measure.

According to the report on the damage of the blockade that will be presented to the UN General Assembly next October 26, the damage in that area between April 2015 and the same month of 2016 exceed 605 million 706 thousand US dollars.

This figure was calculated based on information provided by the Cuban ministries of Agriculture and Food Industry, says the text.

The damages are manifested in the increase of prices of seeds for production, fertilizer, spare parts for agricultural equipment and other supplies to be acquired in geographically distant markets because of the prohibition to do so in the United States.

In addition, there is the obligation to use intermediaries in third countries, which substantially increases the cost and sometimes affects food production on the island making it unable to make timely imports.

Similarly, the blockade causes an increase in the volume of stocks and the time spent in domestic stores of raw materials and supplies needed to ensure the production of eggs, milk and meat for the Cuban population.

If they could buy in the United States, the storage period of the products would be about 15 days, however, Cuba is forced because of the blockade to retain six times that time, said the report, which also explains that the permanence in warehouses aims to anticipate an unexpected shortage in the international market.

In monetary terms, during the period referred to in the report a volume of goods equivalent to about 161 million 200 thousand US dollars was immobilized, says the text.

On the other hand, the blockade limits access of the Cuban pharmaceutical industry to raw materials needed for the production of vaccines against diseases affecting the livestock sector.

This situation forces them to resort to European suppliers and results in an increase in costs, and complications due to the requirement for the importation of a Certificate of Origin issued by an American veterinary institution.

For this reason, many suppliers are afraid to risk that, through the control of the traceability of such certification, the operation be detected and be fined.


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