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Holguin Tourist Pole Advances towards El Ramón de Antilla
Autor :Juan Pablo Carreras,ACN / Fotografías de: - Publicado: 31/08/2017 04:32:52 PM| 0 Opiniones

 The tourist center of Holguín with its renowned resorts Guardalavaca and Pesquero will extend from the new projects, already under way, in the peninsula of El Ramón de Antilla, where there are potentialities to build more than 19 thousand rooms.

This strip of land surrounded by water belongs to the municipality of Antilla and is located at the entrance of the bay of Nipe, north of the eastern province of Holguin, in a coastal area with abundant beaches with crystal clear waters and copious white sand.

In El Ramón de Antilla there is a rural community founded by Commander Camilo Cienfuegos in 1959 and has almost a thousand inhabitants who live mostly from fishing.

The conditions for starting the construction of the first hotel are now being created, said Manuel Marrero, Minister of Tourism, in recent statements to the Cuban News Agency.

In this sense, he emphasized that the most important are the perspectives offered by this peninsula, with totally virgin beaches very close to Cayo Saetía; and which have great potential for development.

In this area located about 100 kilometers northwest of the provincial capital they are working on the infrastructure for the work of builders and investors commissioned to undertake the works.

For Loiza González Collazo, specialist of CITMA in Antilla, this peninsula is considered a protected natural landscape where you can find different exotic birds, and especially a restricted local endemism, the "serium abertis", the only one of its kind in the world.

The specialist emphasized the importance of joining forces and getting a different look at what the protected natural landscape that is the peninsula of El Ramon means.

In that territory landed the Mambí expedition of Perrit, in the War of the Ten Years and the one of Roloff-Castillo Duany, during the war that began in 1895.

In its geography, adorned with legends of corsairs and pirates, stands out the English filibuster William Hastings who settled in the area and was recognized as one of its first settlers, of whom it is speculated that his treasure remains still hidden in these places.

Holguin occupies the fourth place at the country level as a tourist destination and with these projections is expected a much higher position and with greater impact in the different international markets.


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 Holguin Tourist Pole Advances towards El Ramón de Antilla

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