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Cuban Emigrants in the US Reject the Policy of Trump toward their Country
Autor :Prensa Latina / Fotografías de: - Publicado: 20/06/2017 12:38:31 PM| 0 Opiniones

 The Alianza Martiana coalition, which groups together various organizations of Cuban emigration in the city of Miami, Florida, rejected the new policy of US President Donald Trump to the island.

In a note, Andrés Gómez, national coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, member of that entity, questioned the reasons that prompted Trump to take 'such a farfetched decision', referring to the actions of the head of state two days ago.

Trump gave a speech and signed on June 16 in Miami the Presidential Memorandum of National Security on Strengthening US Policy towards Cuba.

This document restricts the trips of the Americans to the Caribbean country from bureaucratic barriers and the elimination of individual educational visits.

It also prohibits economic, commercial and financial transactions between US companies and Cuban companies linked to the Revolutionary Armed Forces and intelligence and security services.

In that way, and as the island's government considered in a statement, additional obstacles are imposed on the already very restricted opportunities that the US business sector has to trade and invest in Cuba.

Gomez said that it is alleged by various media that the decision was motivated by electoral reasons to continue to obtain the support of the Cuban community in Florida, mainly in Miami.

That is a lie, and it is easily provable by the facts. Fifty percent of the Cuban vote in Florida was against President Trump's candidacy, he said.

He recalled that more than eight years ago, counting three elections, Cuban emigrants do not overwhelmingly support the presidential candidate who supports a policy of war and blockade against the people of the West Indies.

The reasons that motivated Trump's decision in favor of this implausible policy against Cuba could be found in his political infantilism and growing despair at trying to keep his wrecking presidency afloat, Gómez said.

Thus, clothed, not to say disguised, in clothing and language in the style of the decrepit counterrevolutionary crusade, Trump rode surrounded by the thirsty vampires of the extreme Cuban-American right a gloomy opera buffoon scene, he emphasized.

On the other hand, Gomez reiterated the commitment of Cubans and non-Cubans, respecting the people's decision to maintain their sovereignty, to continue to fight against such violations of the fundamental rights to live and develop in peace.


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